Craft beer and solar energy

Company News    Nov 17, 2021 3:27 PM

Irish Pub began producing its own beer in 2020, and renewable energy will begin to play an important role in this process.

The company will announce Colombia’s first clean energy beer, using solar panels in the process, La Republica reported.

It is ‘Pola Solar’, a blonde beer with the characteristics of light malts and 5.4% alcohol by volume.

“We allied with the Unergy venture, whose goal is to democratize solar energy in the country, and installed 253 panels in Tocancipá (Cundinamarca). These panels have a useful life of 20 years, so we expect to avoid 837,000 tons of CO2 in this period,” Tomás Delfino, General Manager of the Irish Pub, said.

Delfino said that this initiative will also allow Colombians to invest through Unergy, generating returns of up to 10% in this and more solar-focused projects. He said that the company plans to plant a tree in the upper Bogotá river basin with the Al Verde Vivo Foundation for every 1,000 cans of beer sold.

In addition, Irish Pub implemented an e-commerce model that allowed it to reach craft beer consumers, resulting in the opening of two more locations in recent months amid the economic recovery.

Delfino recalled that anyone can visit the brewery to learn how craft beer is made.

Bottom-Line: Considering the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere from beer foam, perhaps we should ask if this is incremental beer or beer that would otherwise have been produced anyway. Only then would we really know whether CO2 had been avoided or not.

Or we could just enjoy the beer and be happy it was produced as “greenly” as possible…

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