Drones mapping the country

Regulation & Policy    Nov 12, 2021 2:54 PM

Colombia is using drones to update cartographic data of the territory.

For the past couple of years, the Instituto Geográfico Agustín Codazzi (IGAC) has been using high-tech drones to gather information for the country’s official maps, especially in the most remote and difficult-to-access areas, El Tiempo reported.

The institute has taken thousands of shots through the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS); these shots serve as input for the generation of new maps.

“The IGAC drones, of which there are currently three, have flown over the country, becoming a key element for the acquisition of inputs for the development of specific projects, such as the generation of cartography at 1:1000 and 1:2000 scales of municipalities and population centers. This is a useful input for cadastral updating activities,” Dayana Beltrán, IGAC cadastral engineer and geodesist, said.

With this equipment, the time required for the development of updated cartographic records has been reduced.

The entity has developed aerial photography work for the development of large-scale cartography in more than 71 municipalities in the departments of Boyacá, Tolima, Risaralda, Cauca, Bolívar, Cundinamarca, Meta, Huila, Casanare, Nariño, Córdoba, Norte de Santander, Amazonas and Vichada.

“The taking of aerial photographs with drones allows the generation of basic cartography in the entire extension of Colombia, which, propitiates the cadastral update of the country, the administration, planning and land use planning with sustainability criteria,” Jeniffer Arenas, IGAC professional, highlighted.

A total of 86,193 aerial photographs have been taken, representing 71,465 hectares, according to IGAC data.

Bottom-Line: Cadastral updating is fundamental for decision making in large and small scale projects. Undoubtedly, this initiative will help investors to have more clarity on the updated data of the municipalities where they plan to develop projects, facilitating decision making.

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