Drummond signed agreement with EDF Renewables

Company News    Aug 31, 2021 4:16 PM

The mining company announced an agreement with EDF Renewables to venture into solar energy.

The goal of this agreement is to evaluate the potential development of a solar energy generation project in the area of the mining operations, Valora Analitik reported.

This project, which will consist of a new solar farm, is part of the company’s environmental sustainability agenda and will contribute to the self-supply of part of the energy demand of Drummond’s operations in Colombia.

The company wants to bring the country closer to achieving the goals established in the United Nations’ global agenda of Sustainable Development Goals and this project will contribute to the reduction of emissions through the modernization of infrastructure and industrial reconversion, increasing the proportion of renewable energy in the energy mix.

In the coming months, Drummond will advance the feasibility study for this project, the environmental licensing and will request all the necessary authorizations and permits.

Bottom-Line: Renewable energies and the extractive sector are compatible and this news is proof of that.

Renewable energies have the challenge of demonstrating that they can contribute to the operations of the extractive sector and be an ally in contributing to the reduction of polluting emissions in this industry.

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