EDF Andes will invest in Colombia

Company News    Sep 28, 2021 4:27 PM

Jean-Francois Lebrun, Country Manager of EDF Andes, spoke about the company’s plans in the country.

The expert told La Republica that the company will bet on Colombia in green hydrogen, biomass, hydroelectric plants and gas.

“Our sources are nuclear, hydroelectric, biomass, gas, hydrogen and we are interested in electricity distribution,” Lebrun said.

The expert said that the company has a US$1B investment plan to 2030, and it is mainly in hydroelectric and gas-fired plants.

“These are the assets with the largest installed capacity. We also have a biomass project that is under evaluation,” Lebrun said.

He said that the company is evaluating some five small hydro projects, which are strings of between 15MW and 20MW.

Lebrun said that EDF Andes has a large gas-fired generation project under evaluation, and the firm is making site visits to see if there is consent from the communities.

“There are gas reserves because there are players that are doing exploration and we are talking to them to see if we can develop a state-of-the-art, high-efficiency power plant project,” Lebrun said.

He said that this project would be 500MW to 600MW, which may represent US$400M of investment.

As for green hydrogen, he said that the company has technology in Europe for the development of this fuel and that is why the firm is accompanying the national government.

“We believe it is a topic for the future and we are interested in working on it,” Lebrun said.

Lebrun said that Colombia is attractive because there is a constant growth in energy demand between 3% and 4% annually and that dynamism favors investment in the sector.

Bottom-Line: New companies are coming to the country, thanks to the potential that Colombia has in energy issues.

The government must leverage this situation and work hand in hand with the private sector to encourage more investment in the sector.

Social and security issues will be vital to materialize the investors’ interest in Colombia.

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