Enel-Codensa new business line

Company News    Nov 12, 2021 2:52 PM

Enel-Codensa announced its incursion into the money order segment.

The energy company created the Flexipagos platform to offer such service, La Republica reported.

The new business, which will operate through the Enel X business unit, is a new option for Colombians to send money.

The company explained that this platform can be used by Crédito Fácil Codensa customers, if they have an active savings account.

“Digitalization and innovation are part of our strategic pillars. Through them, we seek to create solutions that make life easier for both our customers and citizens,” Enel X’s Carlos Restrepo said.

To use the platform, people must log on to www.flexipagos.co or download the Enel-Codensa mobile application. They must go to the “My Enel” section, then go to the “Products and Services” module and click on the “Make a transfer” option. Before making the transaction, the user must register his or her citizenship card.

The person sending the money can use PSE or Crédito Fácil Codensa, and must only enter the ID number and e-mail address of the person who will withdraw the money.

Restrepo explained that among the advantages of Flexipagos are: not having to wait for an approval for the money transfer to be effective, not having to recharge a balance to make the transaction, and that people can access the history and status of their movements.

Withdrawals can be made at more than 1,200 branches of the 4-72 network.

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