Enel investment plans

Company News    Oct 7, 2021 4:20 PM

Enel’s Lucio Rubio spoke about the company’s plans for the next few years.

Rubio told El Tiempo that the company is working on the 200MW Windpeshi wind project.

“The project has had some delays and we will surely start the testing part around 4Q22. Two other major solar projects are La Loma and Guayepo,” Rubio highlighted.

La Loma is scheduled to come on line in 2Q22 and Guayepo in 1Q23, adding around 900MW of installed capacity in wind and solar energy.

“We are going to double the installed capacity of this company in two years,” Rubio said.

He said that there are important business opportunities in electric mobility, the financial products portfolio, products related to public lighting and in Central America.

“There is also the Colombia-Panama interconnection project. We see it going extremely well,” Rubio said.

Rubio said that renewable energies and the aforementioned projects are the focus of the company’s expansion plan.

“These projects represent an investment of close to CoP$2T for the next three years. We are also working on the digitalization and automation of the networks,” Rubio said.

The company plans to build more than 30 new substations to continue providing coverage to the electricity demand in Bogota.

“By having smarter grids, we will be able to incorporate automation mechanisms, improving the quality of the energy delivered,” Rubio said.

He said that Enel has installed around 80,000 electronic meters, but more as a pilot test to see how the data concentrators are managed.

Rubio said that it is important to position unconventional renewable energies in Colombia, to work on hydrogen.

“We are still in the first phase of building large renewable energy projects in Colombia,” Rubio said.

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