Enel under political control

Company News    Nov 15, 2021 6:29 PM

The representative to the Chamber Rubén Darío Molano spoke about the political control debate that will be held to Enel Condensa.

Molano told Caracol Radio that this debate is due to failures in the public services in Cundinamarca.

He said that the Superintendence of Public Services is also summoned, since this entity has the function of controlling the services.

For the representative it is worrying that failures are occurring such as permanent power outages between 36 and 48 hours a month, changes in intensity and voltages, which damages the appliances of citizens.

In addition, Molano said that there is poor customer service and arbitrary energy processes.

Bottom-Line: Performing these controls is important to make known the reasons for the failures in the provision of energy service.

However, authorities and politicians must have justifiable reasons to develop these controls, and that these mechanisms do not become a political retaliation or something similar…

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