Enel X talks EVs

Company News    Oct 12, 2021 4:02 PM

Enel X’s Carlos Mario Restrepo spoke about the sale of Electric Vehicles (EV) and the company’s plans in this area.

Restrepo told La Republica that the sale of EVs has been successful, boosting the company’s results.

The expert said that industrial and commercial customers were held back in the pandemic, but they have shown a recovery in recent months.

“In mobility, mass systems have been affected, but we continue to work on these solutions,” Restrepo said.

He said that the company has 20 charging stations with 60 chargers installed at present, in addition to those installed in homes.

“We also have the cab pilot with the highest number of kilometers traveled in Latin America; we have already driven more than 18 million kilometers. We have the issue of ebike and bike sharing so that there are electric bicycles that can be rented by our customers,” Restrepo said.

Restrepo said that the company plans to apply this model to cars as well.

“We have to work on the issue of interoperability to be able to travel outside Bogota and to other areas of the country,” Restrepo said.

He said that the company does not have a set goal or level of investment for chargers installed.

“We want to be a dynamizing actor in conjunction with other players in the market,” Restrepo said.

Restrepo explained that the cost of charging the vehicle will be free for the end customer, but companies will be charged for their energy consumption.

The expert recalled that the company made an alliance with Itaú bank to have a financial channel that leverages the needs of customers in the projects development and services, providing a comprehensive value offer.

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