Energy for EVs charging will be discounted

Energy, Regulation & Policy    Nov 9, 2021 6:08 PM

The Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission (CREG) issued Resolution 171 of 2021, with benefits for energy destined to Electric Vehicles (EVs).

The resolution establishes the conditions for the differentiated metering of electricity consumption, La Republica reported.

This regulation will waive the 20% tariff contribution in those consumptions that are used for electric mobility, as established by Law 2099 of 2021 of energy transition.

One of the alternatives is that users can create an independent electrical installation for charging in their homes and businesses, thus getting a new differentiated connection and creating a new user of the electric power service.

“In this new installation, the user will not pay the 20% contribution and will see a reduction in their energy bill corresponding to such consumption,” CREG’s Jorge Alberto Valencia said.

The commission explained that another alternative for users is not to make their installation independent, but to place a separtate meter inside their electrical installation, registering the energy consumption for electric mobility independently.

Under this last alternative, users will also receive the benefit, and will also benefit from the reduction in the value of the bill.

This second option does not imply that users must make a new contract with the energy company different from the one they already have.

Users must inform the company that provides the energy service which of the metering options they want to employ in their home or industry.

Bottom-Line: These types of incentives are what the sector needs to boost EVs sales in the country.

Improving the charging infrastructure and providing subsidies (here a tax break) are essential to seeing more EVs in the country.

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