Europe and Oceania help Colombia

Regulation & Policy    Dec 12, 2021 7:35 PM

Colombia has five allied countries, which are strategic to developing its energy transition policy more quickly and effectively.

Denmark, Germany, UK, France and Australia at government level have expressed their technological support and economic sponsorship for research and development of projects for the generation of clean electricity in Colombia, Portafolio reported.

Germany, UK and Australia are supporting the country in the hydrogen production roadmap.

“We will have the support of the German government, through the GIZ (German Society for International Cooperation), with whom we have been working in a coordinated way to leverage the experience they have in regulatory matters,” the Minister of Mines and Energy (MinEneriga), Diego Mesa, said.

Peter Ptassek, German ambassador to Colombia, said that the country gave itself a green hydrogen strategy.

UK and Australia showed, through their ambassadors, support for the development of projects for the production of this fuel.

“We will continue to support Colombia on its journey to move away from fossil fuels and position itself as a leader in renewable energy, both for domestic use and export,” Colin Martin-Reynolds, UK ambassador to Colombia, said.

Erika Thompson, Australia’s ambassador to the country, said that Australia looks forward to continuing to work collaboratively on research, seeking opportunities for both countries and sharing experiences as world leaders in hydrogen projects.

Denmark is supporting the country in the development of renewable energy, through offshore wind projects.

France and Colombia strengthened their cooperation commitments on issues such as the environment by signing a memorandum of understanding and the inauguration of the ‘Green Club’.

The goal of this Club is to bring together companies from the sustainable city, energy transition and eco-industry sectors to support Colombia in its green growth policies.

The memorandum of understanding aims to lend Colombia a hand in the creation of a “regulatory and normative framework” for the use and production of hydrogen.

Bottom-Line: Undoubtedly, the experience, knowledge and assistance of these countries will be fundamental to advance in an orderly, clear and agile way in the energy transition in Colombia.

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