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Company News, Energy, Renewables    Dec 13, 2021 5:50 PM

The sale of Electric Vehicles (EVs) continues to grow in Colombia and sector experts spoke about the good times the market is experiencing.

Juliana Rico, Executive Director of Andi’s Automotive Industry Chamber, said that the sector demonstrates its strength and resilience in facing challenges such as the post-pandemic, shutdowns, rising logistics costs and shortages of raw materials, Portafolio reported.

Eduardo Visbal, Vice President of Foreign Trade and Vehicles of Fenalco, said that the growth in sales is consumer confidence in the market and this behavior could increase in 2022.

It is important to remember that sales of EVs have been 15,804 so far this year, 236% more compared to same period last year (4,701).

Andemos’ Oliverio Garcia recalled that the Colombian government created public policy based on incentives, promoting the commercialization of EVs.

“Some incentives are tax discounts, with Law 1819 that grants a benefit on VAT, and with Decrees 1116 and 2051 that provide tariff benefits for hybrid and electric units,” Garcia explained.

Garcia added that local authorities have contributed to the increase in sales of electric vehicles by lifting the ‘pico y placa’ for their mobilization.

MinEnergia Diego Mesa said that Colombia is a regional leader in electric vehicle sales, thanks to the Electric Mobility Law.

Mesa said that the new regulation positioned Colombia as the regional leader in electric vehicle sales, surpassing countries such as Chile and the Dominican Republic.

“Despite the pandemic, this trend continued with a growth in the sale of EVs, and so far in 2021 has already surpassed the units sold in the previous two years,” Mesa concluded.

Bottom-Line: Colombia is making progress on this issue, but it is important to clarify that most sales are of hybrid vehicles, and the sale of 100% electric vehicles is still at low levels.

However, this is a great first step for the country, but the challenge is to improve charging infrastructure.

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