Experts talk electric mobility

Electricity, Energy    Aug 18, 2021 3:45 PM

Experts from the mobility sector spoke about the actions needed to achieve the electrification of private transportation.

Francisco Aguirre, E-Mobility operations Manager Mexico & Latam Importers at BMW Group, said that it is necessary to consolidate more efforts to see more people turning to hybrid and electric models for transportation and thus reducing their carbon footprint, La Republica reported.

The expert acknowledged that the electric market is on the right track, as sales have increased despite the pandemic.

Aguirre said that this change must be progressive and start with more education to raise awareness among users, as there are still many myths surrounding sustainable mobility.

“We need incentives to continue and also to stop subsidizing some fossil fuels that still have benefits,” Aguirre said.

The expert said that it is key to have more infrastructure, expand the supply of electric models, and continue with incentives to massify electric mobility in Latin America.

“At BMW, we already have vehicles that produce 0 emissions, this is important to reduce the carbon footprint,” Aguirre said.

In addition, Andemos’ Oliverio Garcia said that the world is moving at an accelerated pace towards electro-mobility.

“This sector grew 45% in 2020 in Latin America and Colombia became a leader in the zero-emission segment,” Garcia said.

Oliverio acknowledged that Colombia is not the biggest player in terms of purchases, but it has the highest growth rate in the region for the implementation of this technology.

Bottom-Line: Colombians have demonstrated their interest in electric and sustainable mobility, but the lack of charging infrastructure and the high prices of these vehicles have prevented faster growth in this sector.

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