Experts talk sustainable mobility

Company News    Aug 17, 2021 4:41 PM

Industry experts talked about the main challenges to migrate to electrified and more generally to clean transportation.

Juan David Uribe, Suzuki Business Manager, said that there are huge challenges for the sector in sustainable mobility, La Republica reported.

“Democratizing technology is the great challenge, to be able to take it to everyone and provide sustainable mobility to all,” Uribe said.

Salvador Lo Cascio, Ford’s General Director for Colombia, said that one element to take into account is to encourage, through investment, the reduction of production and distribution costs of the technology.

The experts agreed that improving the current infrastructure should be another priority, which will also help to make viable and boost sustainable mobility in the country.

“The government’s participation has to be much more active to achieve incentives that consumers can access,” Ricardo Salazar, Manager of Los Coches, said.

Salazar said that more players from other sectors should participate in this process.

“Investments in charging network are necessary; the participation of the financial sector, we see lines of credit for these technologies because they are environmental and green technologies; there are many participants and it is necessary to align them all,” Salazar said.

Dino Tanaka, President of Toyota, said that the goal should be to have sustainable mobility for all and that the brands continue to move forward with the market.

“Customers must know the technology, we must continue to expand our portfolios with customer needs, infrastructure improvement is a key point within the strategies,” Tanaka said.

Bottom-Line: Joining forces between the private and public sector is fundamental to advance sustainable mobility.

The government should make a greater effort to incentivize charging infrastructure as this is one of the main obstacles to buying an electric vehicle in the country.

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