Fenoge talks Fonenergía

Energy, Regulation & Policy    Oct 4, 2021 5:46 PM

Katharina Grosso, Executive Director of Fenoge, spoke about the Single Energy Solutions Fund (Fonenergía).

Grosso said that the entity will replace the Electricity Grid Normalization Program (Prone).

It will also replace the Financial Support Fund for the Energization of Interconnected Rural Areas (FAER), the Financial Support Fund for the Energization of Non-Interconnected Areas (Fazni), and the Special Fund for the Promotion of Natural Gas.

She said that Fonenergía and the Unconventional Energy and Efficient Energy Management Fund (Fenoge) will become two complementary instruments to achieve Colombia’s strategic energy goals.

According to Grosso, the arrival of Fonenergía will multiply the resources available to bring sustainable energy solutions to Colombians who still do not have electricity and/or gas.

In addition, the expert said that this fund will make it possible to improve the quality of service and bring efficient energy management solutions to users who already have energy in their homes and regions.

Grosso said that the energy transition law will contribute to positioning Colombia as a world reference in sustainability.

This law will promote greater coverage of electricity service, with better environmental practices and more efficient costs through unconventional renewable energy sources.

Grosso said that the vision of the entity is to bring energy to all Colombians through the development and implementation of unconventional sources.

The entity will promote efficient energy management and, together with the Institute for Planning and Promotion of Energy Solutions for Non-Interconnected Zones (IPSE), to support the structuring of the energy transition law.

“This allows all entities to coordinate and reach all corners of the country, with efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solutions,” Grosso said.

Bottom-Line: Colombia has a huge challenge in the energy transformation process, but it seems that the country is on the right track to achieve the goals.

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