Green hydrogen installed capacity target for 2030

Regulation & Policy, Renewables    Aug 12, 2021 3:14 PM

The Ministry of Energy (MinEnergia) announced the green hydrogen installed capacity target for 2030.

The entity said that the country should have an installed capacity of at least 1GW through electrolysis by 2030, La Republica reported.

The government estimates receiving investments close to US$2.5B to meet this goal in the coming years.

MinEnergia Diego Mesa explained that the government identified industrial uses, transportation, export markets and competitive locations for hydrogen production.

Another government goal is to achieve an approximate cost of US$1.7 per kilogram of green hydrogen.

In the Pacific region, the current cost of hydrogen production is US$6.6 per 1,000 grams; the goal is to reach as low as US$3.7 by 2030, and to reduce this metric to US$2.4 by 2050.

“Competitive production costs can be achieved, reaching plant factors of 21% in the North Caribbean and Andes regions,” the government said.

In addition, authorities estimate a production of at least 50 kilotons of blue hydrogen by capturing CO2 from existing industrial plants.

If the targets are met, the country could eradicate 2.5 million tons of CO2 equivalent.

President for Colombia of the World Energy Council (WEC), José Antonio Vargas, said that this resource has enormous potential considering the country’s wealth in this issue.

“The Energy Transition Law will allow pilots to be developed without having to pay income taxes and tariffs,” Vargas highlighted.

Bottom-Line: The draft roadmap for hydrogen is a fundamental step to start developing this important resource in Colombia, and lay the groundwork for future investments in the medium and long term.

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