‘Green Line’ to save energy

Company News    Nov 26, 2021 3:23 PM

Coditeq presented its recent technological advances, announcing a ‘Green Line’ to save energy in production processes.

The company made the official launch of its new ‘Green Line’, which makes it one of the few organizations in this segment with an offer of this nature for manufacturers, Portafolio reported.

Coditeq highlighted that this demonstrates its concern and commitment to energy savings in production processes.

“We know that day by day the industry worldwide is advancing in environmentally friendly solutions and we are aware of their importance, so we want to contribute to the country with innovative solutions,” Coditeq’s Jorge Arias Galeas said.

The company wants its current and potential customers to be aware of the technology that can be used to reduce the waste of non-recyclable materials because, when working with self-adhesive paper, there are certain remnants that cannot be recycled, so the idea is to avoid their use.

“The goal is to eliminate this waste, as well as the excessive use of plastic for palletizing or box stowage. We have solutions that reduce or practically eliminate plastic consumption and that is what we wanted to present,” Arias explained.

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