Installed solar energy capacity

Energy    Sep 14, 2021 5:05 PM

Colombia continues to make progress in achieving the goal of reaching 2,500W of installed capacity with unconventional renewable energies, and solar projects are the ones that stand out the most.

The country has 15 solar farms, generating 1.1 million KW/day of energy per hour and a total production potential of 236MW, La Republica reported.

These facilities represent investments of CoP$646B, with the Solar Castilla ECP project being the most expensive of the 15.

In addition, there are seven large-scale self-generation projects and more than 1,500 small-scale self-generation solar projects contributing a total of 304MW.

Currently, Meta is the department with the highest solar energy production. There are solar parks serving 66,339 users with 382,560kWh per day.

In this region, Puerto Gaitán is the municipality with the highest generation because it has three of the 15 parks, with a total capacity of 286,560kWh.

Generation with farms in Valle del Cauca also stands out in Yumbo, Candelaria and Zarzal, where projects such as La Paila, Carmelo and Celsia Solar are located.

The government has the goal of reaching 507MW installed by 2021 and 2,500MW by 2022.

SER Colombia’s Germán Corredor, explained that this scenario is, in part, a result of the first renewable energy auction held in 2019, where nearly 300MW in solar plants were awarded.

“Currently, there is a plant in the testing phase and another under construction in Cesar, one of 80MW and another of 100MW. In addition, there are a number of important projects in the center of the country and the Atlantic coast of more than 50MW to be built throughout the decade,” Corredor said.

Bottom-Line: The Colombian government has done a great job in promoting renewable energy projects in the country, and companies have responded with investments in different regions.

It seems like the country is on the right track to achieve the targets set, but there are still transmission infrastructure deficits that hold projects back. Social and legal challenges must be overcome to see more renewable generation.

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