ISA receives sustainability awards

Company News    Sep 24, 2021 5:32 PM

Andesco presented awards for Sustainability, and the ISA Group received four awards.

ISA was the winner in the categories “Best Working Environment of Utilities Companies”, “Best Environmental Atmosphere of Utilities Companies”, “Best Covid Management of Utilities Companies”, and “Grand Prize Small Utilities Company”, the latter for XM, La Republica reported.

This award recognizes the innovative practices of companies that contribute real value to the construction of the country, from a perspective of sustainability in the labor, market, social, environmental and corporate governance environments.

“We are proud to receive these four awards, as these are an endorsement of our work to guarantee a sustainable future for all, hand in hand with our subsidiaries,” ISA’s Bernardo Vargas Gibsone said.

This year a sixth category was included to recognize best practices to mitigate the pandemic, among which ISA’s humanitarian aid program ‘Todos Somos Uno’ (We Are All One) was highlighted,. This program contributed to the improvement of hospital capacity, the promotion of scientific developments and community support with investments of more than US$5M.

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