Largest transmission project in the continent

Company News    Dec 8, 2021 5:03 PM

The Yallique Consortium, formed by Transelec, ISA Inversiones Chile and China Southern Power Grid International (CSG), submitted the best offer for the construction and operation of the Kimal-Lo Aguirre project.

The project will have an annual remuneration value of US$116.3M in 2021 currency, Portafolio reported.

The development came after Chile’s National Electric Coordinator opened the economic proposals submitted in early October for the international public tender.

The Kimal-Lo Aguirre project considers the construction of a bipolar HVDC transmission line with a capacity of 3,000MW at 600kV, and will extend for more than 1,415km.

This is the first direct current line in Chile; a technology that allows greater transmission capacity with lower transmission losses, compared to alternating current projects, and does not require intermediate substations.

This project will allow connecting the energy from renewable projects in the north of the country to the center and south of Chile, helping the decarbonization of the energy matrix.

“Kimal-Lo Aguirre is undoubtedly the most important milestone of the year for the group, as it represents an important challenge that we can face with the experience and confidence gained with Cardones-Polpaico, added to the experience and recognition of our allies Transelec and CSG,” ISA’s Bernardo Vargas highlighted.

Vargas said that this is a project that effectively contributes to de-carbonize Chile’s energy matrix.

This is ISA’s second project with HVDC technology after the construction of the 2,400 km Madeira HVDC line in Brazil.

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