Neu Energy closed an investment round

Company News    Aug 18, 2021 3:44 PM

Neu Energy, the first 100% intelligent and digital electricity marketer in Colombia, closed an investment round with excellent results.

The company measures electricity consumption in real time using with Artificial Intelligence (AI), La Republica reported.

Neu Energy received US$3.5M of investment, after closing a Seed Round led by Erco Energía, Michel Di Capua and PHC (Pablo Hernan Corredor).

“We are entering an era of energy abundance, driven by viable carbon-free generation projects,” Michel Di Capua, Investor and promoter of clean energy projects in Colombia, said.

CEO Juan Esteban Hincapie said these resources were obtained thanks to the growth, innovation and digitalization of the brand since it began operations in 2019.

Hincapie said that the capital received will help consolidate the operations team in Colombia, multiply revenues, reaching CoP$9.0B by the end of the year, triple the client portfolio in the country, and seek new expansion opportunities in international markets.

“Our foundation for growth is a high-performing team that is highly motivated by the change we offer. We are going to consolidate our position as a leader in digital energy marketing in Colombia and we are accelerating our international expansion,” Hincapie said.

Daniel Lopez, CTO of NEU Energy, said that this money will be key to strengthen the technological capacity to offer new products and services.

The company serves a portfolio of users that consume 2.5GWh per month. However, the firm expects to grow this figure seven times by the end of the year and thus reach consumption in excess of 16.9GWh/month.

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