New fast charging station

Company News    Dec 12, 2021 7:34 PM

Celsia installed the first public fast charging station at the Tuluá Transportation Terminal.

This facility will allow the connection of electric cars between Valle and Eje Cafetero, La Republica reported.

The station has three connectors that allow charging most of the vehicles in the local market and incorporates three different charging protocols: CHAdeMO , combo 1 and type 2.

The charging capacity is 43kWW and 50kW and the user will be able to recharge up to 100% of his vehicle in one hour, which allows him to travel 300 kilometers of distance. For now users will be able to charge their cars for free.

Celsia has 25 public and private charging stations between Colombia and Panama City.

“We want to create the necessary infrastructure for vehicles to be easily refueled. We are making inroads in the fast charging segment on the main roads, allowing drivers to make intercity trips, recharging at strategic points with excellent facilities,” Fernando Vélez, Celsia’s electric mobility leader, said.

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