New projects for the SIN

Energy, Regulation & Policy, Renewables    Oct 11, 2021 5:36 PM

XM announced that four new generation projects entered the National Interconnected System (SIN) between July and September this year.

The entity highlighted that these projects bring reliability to the SIN, with a capacity close to 55MW, La Republica reported.

One of the projects is self-generation and three are solar generation projects.

Celsia’s La Paila solar project with 9.9MW entered the SIN in August, being its fifth solar plant connected to the system, and representing 35% of the total solar generation connected to the SIN.

Another was Vatia’s Trina-Vatia BSL3 solar project with 19.9MW, located in Meta, which represents 44% of the existing solar generation in the SIN.

There is also Genersa’s large-scale self-generator Termotame with 5MW in Arauca. With this project Genersa adds 24.6MW of thermal generation in the SIN.

Aages Colombia’s La Sierpe solar project with 19.9MW, located in Sucre, entered the SIN on September 25, increasing solar generation to 136MW.

XM’s Jaime Alejandro Zapata explained that the entry of these new generation projects expands the installed generation capacity, adding to the availability of larger transmission and distribution networks, further strengthening the system’s reliability.

Bottom-Line: Solar projects continue to position themselves as the main source of alternative generation in the country.

The country has an enormous potential in this area, but it is essential to continue working on incentives and support on social and environmental issues to see more projects in the SIN.

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