New Terminal Electric Substation in Bogota

Company News    Dec 1, 2021 8:31 PM

Enel-Condensa announced that the construction of a new Terminal Electrical Substation is already underway.

This facility will directly benefit more than 165,000 people in Bogota.

The infrastructure will focus on the central western area of Bogota, Avenida Centenario Calle 17 with Carrera 78G, for 18 neighborhoods in the Modelia, Hayuelos, Castilla, Ciudad Salitre and Industrial Zone sectors of the capital.

Enel will invest more than CoP$25B in this project and it will become the second 100% digital electric substation in the country, with an installed capacity of 120 million volt-amperes.

“The terminal is part of the robust expansion plan of substations and high voltage projects that Enel-Codensa is developing throughout its area of operation, with the aim of strengthening its electrical infrastructure in Bogota and Cundinamarca,” Enel-Codensa’s Francesco Bertoli.

The company highlighted that this new point will be key to support the development of electric mobility, as well increasing the capacity of the recharging yards for SITP electric buses.

“The new substations improve service quality by increasing the number of medium-voltage circuits, reconfiguring existing ones for better distribution and customer service, and minimizing faults,” Bertoli concluded.

Bottom-Line: The country needs to improve the charging infrastructure to encourage EV sales.

This announcement is one more step in advancing this process and improving air quality in the country’s major cities.

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