Nuclear energy plans

Energy    Nov 30, 2021 4:48 PM

Countries are betting on different solutions for the generation of less polluting energy and with a low level of emissions, among them is the nuclear energy.

In the world, according to data from the International Atomic Energy Agency, the country that generates the most energy from nuclear power plants is the US, with 93 plants producing 789 TeraWhats (TWh) of energy, and it is building two new ones, El Tiempo reported.

It is followed by China with 51 nuclear power plants producing 366TWh, and building 14 new ones.

Other countries that are betting on this type of energy are South Korea, India, Russia, Iran, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates.

Even Colombia has recently considered it, as stated in the National Energy Plan (PEN).

The document contemplates the entry of nuclear plants that would contribute 1,200 megawatts of capacity to the system (the equivalent of half the capacity of Hidroituango) as of 2042 and a progressive reduction of thermal plants that reach the end of their useful life.

One of the main reasons for betting on this type of source is that the production of energy from nuclear power plants does not directly emit carbon dioxide.

Moving from fossil energy consumption to electricity consumption, as is expected to happen in the near future and in an accelerated manner, requires new sources of electricity generation to feed, for example, the millions of automobiles that will stop consuming petroleum derivatives and start consuming electricity.

The IEA estimates that sales of electric vehicles will increase from 5% to 60% by 2030, which will require massive energy consumption from less polluting energies, such as solar, wind and, in some cases, nuclear, which is increasingly gaining ground.

Bottom-Line: More on this tomorrow in our Thursday Thoughts.

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