Prior consultations for Hidroituango construction

Company News    Dec 14, 2021 6:12 PM

EPM announced the implementation of the 26 agreements that were established through prior consultation with the Nutabe Orobajo Indigenous Community.

This is a requirement to address the collective impacts, with a view to continue with the construction of the Ituango Hydroelectric Project, La Republica reported.

The first step for the development of the prior consultation with this indigenous community was the acquisition and delivery of 553 hectares located in ‘Los Galgos’ district of the municipality of Ituango.

To implement the 26 agreements, EPM signed pacts with the municipality of Ituango and with the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya – Cátedra Unesco de sostenibilidad (Unescosost).

The projects include topics such as ethnicity, environmental management, productive projects, community infrastructure, collective productive projects, training spaces and care of natural resources, among other elements that arose in the consultative process.

The main goal of the agreement signed with the municipality of Ituango is the creation of recreational and sports facilities that enable the construction of community support networks and strengthen the healthy coexistence of the Nutabe Orobajo Indigenous Community.

Bottom-Line: Signing these agreements is as important as monitoring compliance to avoid community unrest.

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