Progress in Hidroituango

Company News    Nov 18, 2021 7:48 PM

William Giraldo Jiménez, Vice President of EPM’s Ituango Project, announced new advances in the mega project.

Giraldo said thatz Hidroituango reached 85.8% progress in its main works, as of October 31st, 2021, Valora Analitik reported.

“The progress and achievements made to move forward what will be the largest hydroelectric generation plant in the country are the proof of the commitment EPM has with Colombians,” Giraldo highlighted.

The expert said that 100% of the works will be achieved when the last of the project’s eight generation units comes into operation in 2025.

It is important to remember that Hidroituango will generate 2,400MW with its eight units, 300MW each, representing 17% of the country’s energy demand.

The estimated schedule for the commercial operation of the eight generation units is: Units 1 and 2, second half of 2022; Units 3 and 4, in 2023; Units 5, 6 and 7 in 2024; and Unit 8 in 2025.

The most significant advances achieved so far are in the powerhouse and specifically the tasks of assembling units one and two are as follows

– Recovery of the main vaults and cleaning. Excavation and stabilization of the site, pouring of new concrete, iron ties and start of equipment assembly.

– Assembly of electromechanical equipment: suction tubes, stationary rings and spiral chambers for each unit.

– Erection of 13 of the 25 power transformers that the new generation plant will have.

– Installation of the final overhead cranes of 300 tons each.

– Beginning of the installation and laying of power cables to connect the power transformers of the power house with the 500 Kva outdoor substation and from there transport it to all of Colombia.

Bottom-Line: It is positive to hear of progress on this important project for the country, and thus reduce to some degree the uncertainty about this plant.

However, the fight between contractors and the mayor of Medellin’s office continues, and this could affect the development of the project in the coming months.

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