Renewable Dimethyl Ether and Propane Blends

Company News    Dec 13, 2021 5:47 PM

Three leading Latin American energy companies have announced a collaboration to test a clean, innovative, low-carbon fuel blend in Latin American residential and commercial applications.

Suburban Propane Partners, LP, Empresas Lipigas and Oberon Fuels are working on this new blend, Valora Analitik reported.

The goal is to evaluate and validate the compatibility, safety and performance attributes of an rDME + Propane blended product for use in residential and commercial heating and cooking applications in Latin America.

The blend can be stored and transported using existing propane infrastructure and can be used in many applications, including transportation, cooking, heating, forklifts and power generation.

“At Lipigas, we are paving our way to become a carbon neutral company. That is why we are exploring energy alternatives,” Lipigas said.

The company highlighted that rDME is similar to traditional propane, allowing both gases to be blended using the same propane cylinders and current infrastructure.

In addition, rDME + propane blends are compatible with equipment that customers use in their homes, businesses or industries, requiring little or no modifications.

Oberon Fuels will provide the rDME, produced at its flagship production facility in Brawley (California, US), and domain expertise to the project based on more than a decade of production, market and regulatory development activities.

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