Second round for Escazú Agreement in Congress

Regulation & Policy    Nov 25, 2021 5:36 PM

The bill to ratify the environmental treaty was sunk in the last legislature. The Duque government reintroduced it.

Although the government resubmitted the bill, there is not much will to approve it, El Espectador reported.

“I would like that this ratification process, which may take a few months, we take it with due speed and think about the regulation,” President Ivan Duque said.

It is important to remember that the bill to ratify the Escazú agreement was presented on July 20th, 2020 as an urgent requirement, but it was not passed.

Now, the government is re-submitting the bill, without the urgency message, for discussion. This generated controversy with different political parties, arguing that the government was not committed to the approval of this project.

President Duque responded to these criticisms saying that “if we have to present it with urgency to speed it up, we will do it, but a very important thing is that the Congress wants to discuss this in depth”.

However, these statements were again interpreted as a lack of commitment to the project.

The discussion of this project in the last legislature (2020 II and 2021 I), had many moves and strategies to avoid its vote and approval.

Bottom-Line: This is a complex issue where finding the balance between the objectives of the treaty and the country’s economic reality will take considerable finesse. Doing that in the political arena takes time.

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