Senate talks energy service in the Caribean

Energy, Regulation & Policy    Oct 31, 2021 12:42 PM

Senators discussed the dissatisfaction of users with the provision of energy service in the Caribbean.

David Barguil, Senator of the Conservative party, warned that the Senate cannot remain silent or show only the good that has been done since Afinia and Air-e arrived in the region, El Heraldo reported.

“People continue to express unconformities with the service provision,” Barguil said.

He said that it is important to create a fund financed by three sources: a percentage of funds from the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MinEnergia), royalty resources in consensus with governors and mayors of Caribbean capitals and approve a modification of the law so that the resources of the Caribbean Regional Royalties Fund can be used in this issue.

“These sources will allow to make an investment in energy infrastructure,” Barguil said.

Senator Efraín Cepeda said that the Caribbean region has had a permanent illusion of having a quality energy service.

“However, this illusion has vanished when we crashed with reality,” Cepeda said.

He said that the region has a 20% higher rate, with the aggravating factor of climatic factors, so energy consumption is higher on the coast.

“There is recognition to the government for all that has been done but the scenario is one of dissatisfaction and we must continue to adjust,” Cepeda said.

Senate Gustavo Bolívar said that the government handed over the public utilities to the private sector.

“That showed that private is not necessarily efficient, and then we passed this service in the Caribbean to another public company, from Medellin, which shows that it can be managed reliably in a public company,” Bolivar said.

Bottom-Line: The government of Ivan Duque has managed to make a structural solution to the problem of energy service provision in the Caribbean, attracting new operators to this market.

However, the process of improving the service quality will take time, and will require large investments. Inhabitants of the region must be patient – and pay their bills (what a concept!) – as the new operators are on the right track to change the current situation.

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