SER Colombia and ANLA

Energy, Regulation & Policy, Renewables    May 7, 2019 6:53 PM

The National Environmental Licensing Agency (ANLA) announced the creation of new sectoral environmental “agendas” in the country, in partnership with the Colombian energy sector. The entity announced a new agreement with the Association of Renewable Energies Colombia (SER Colombia)

According to press release, ANLA announced the signing of a new environmental agenda with SER Colombia, where more than 60 companies are associated locally and globally.

Carlos Alonso Rodríguez, Deputy Director of Instruments, Licenses and Environmental Procedures of the ANLA, highlighted that the relevance of this agreement, since it will allow to create synergies with an association dedicated to promote renewable energies.

“It gives us a great opportunity for those companies that are coming to the country to know what the ground is, what are the socio-environmental conflicts, what are the entities with which they must relate,” said Rodriguez.

He said that these alliances will help new members or those interested to know the requirements, times and procedures necessary to develop energy projects in the country.

“In addition, they will be able to know that the agency has a knowledge management issue, that the entity is open in terms of service to citizens,” pointed out Rodriguez.

The entity said that the signing of this new agenda with the energy sector will create coordinated work, optimizing results and generating timely responses. In addition, the alliance will allow ANLA to streamline processes and procedures related to the sector.

Bottom-Line: Improving procedures and offering a solid regulatory framework will be key aspects to attract investors’ interest in the energy sector. Colombia has great potential in renewable energies and the government must offer the right conditions to take advantage of this potential and promote the development of new projects.

Without a doubt, these agreements will be of great help to create a close relationship between the ANLA and the private energy sector.


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