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Company News    Oct 13, 2021 5:27 PM

Emilio Mendívil, CEO of Solartia, gave more details of the company’s plans in Colombia.

Mendivil told La Republica that there are 325,000 families without connection to the National Interconnected System (SIN), generating great opportunities.

It is important to remember that the company recently announced a solar device for power generation in remote areas.

The expert highlighted that these families will be able to use this device, which will be fundamental to bring energy to rural areas of the country.

“The device has a 480-watt installation, which is what the solar panel provides. The batteries are Ferro phosphate with a durability of 10 years and can operate at optimum performance, around 3,000 cycles,” the CEO said.

He said that the company has been working on energy projects for 20 years and lately has focused on rural electrification.

“There are several ways to do this and we are specialists in doing micro-grids outside of interconnected systems. There are areas where this is difficult and the alternative that remains is to put in each of the houses a system that generates energy,” Mendivil said.

The expert explained that the new device belongs to two companies, Solartia and IED, which is the company with the technological basis to develop these products.

“We have been working for more than two years on this issue. We have invested more than US$1M,” Mendivil said.

Mendivil said that the idea is to sell the devices to the public sector, and it will be in charge of distributing them and charging for the service.

“We have been working for some time with the government entities that are dedicated to these issues, because we are fighting for a project in the country, in Sandovalito (Bolivar). There is still no closed deal,” he said.

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