The CREG’s Valencia comments

Regulation & Policy    Aug 23, 2021 5:36 PM

The Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission’ (CREG) Jorge Alberto Valencia Marín spoke about the entity’s work on the updates of resolutions and provisioning services for the Non-Interconnected Zones (ZNI), among other issues.

Valencia said that the entity is working on the definitive resolution for the provision of energy service in the ZNI, La Republica reported.

He said that the entity intends to issue a flexible regulation, which will allow companies to put together solutions according to the customers’ needs, modernize the tariffs that serve most of the population centers, and give clear signals for substitution, so that there are incentives for participation.

The expert explained that Resolution 060 of 2019 will be the starting point for the intraday markets, where unconventional renewable energies will have greater flexibility, as they will be able to adjust their commercial commitments during the day. This resolution modifies the Operation Regulation to allow the connection and operation of solar photovoltaic and wind plants in the National Interconnected System (SIN)

Valencia said that the CREG is analyzing current resolutions to update their content according to the new market needs.

He explained that Resolution 030 of 2018 was changed to include various elements, among which is the expansion of the capacity of distributed generation, as well as requirements to promote the entry of small-scale generation.

Valencia said that the CREG promotes constructive dialogues with players and citizens on the different topics it regulates and invited them to participate in these processes, to enrich the country’s regulation.

Bottom-Line: Updating the country’s regulations is vital to advance in the development of new energy sources and boost the expansion of the service throughout the country.

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