Train in the Atlantic Coast

Regulation & Policy    Jan 13, 2022 5:49 PM

Alvaro de la Espriella, President of the Board of Directors of the Confederation of Latin American Tourism Organizations (Cotal), spoke about the need for a train on the Caribbean coast.

The expert said that the need for this train was already explained and extended by the national government, El Heraldo reported.

“The need is due to the increase of merchandise trade and the mobility of passengers looking for more competitiveness in the economic production and the economic recovery,” De la Espriella said.

He said that this is a necessary project, urgent, unheeded by past presidents and ministers.

“They turned a deaf ear to every request made by the people of the coast to advance this train that would unite the Caribbean Coast from La Guajira to Cordoba, in a first stage Cartagena-Barraaquilla-Santa Marta,” De la Espriella criticized.

De la Espriella recalled that local governors made an effort to promote and push the issue.

“In the Atlántico, Eduardo Verano and José Antonio Segebre pushed the issue a lot, especially in each trip to Bogota with a special agenda in this regard. We know from a very reliable source that Elsa Noguera, our current Governor, has made important efforts in this regard, achieving progress in a first positive step,” he said.

The executive said that the studies and designs by the Ardanuy-Coral Delgado y Asociados Temporary Association have already been approved and the results are promised for the first half of 2022.

“This firm was chosen by Findeter, which is the contracting entity of the project, and its cost is US$5M. The length of the road could be approximately 230 kilometers in its first stage,” the expert explained.

Bottom-Line: A train linking the different departments of the Caribbean could generate benefits for the population and facilities to transport inputs required by the energy sector. It would make transportation in the region much more efficient, one of the government’s priorities.

Undoubtedly, it is a very interesting project but this requires local authorities to reach an agreement with the national government, which will be a difficult task to achieve.

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