Trends in electric mobility

Electricity, Regulation & Policy    Sep 24, 2021 5:31 PM

Esteban Bermudez, UN Environment’s Climate Change Mitigation Coordinator, spoke about the ten trends that will mark a shift in electric mobility in the region.

The first one is that governments set electric mobility goals based on international agreements, regulations and national and subnational roadmaps, Valora Analitik reported.

Second, there is the trend of governments structuring themselves to manage and lead this type of mobility. Third, there is the supply of electric vehicles of various ranges and categories.

The fourth trend is that the market and the sector are targeting electric public transport pilots in many countries in the region and the information generated is shared for other cities to leverage .

Fifth, charging infrastructure is beginning to be seen in large and medium-sized cities, and there are tariff plans for private charging.

The sixth trend is citizen associations that promote electric mobility. Seventh, there are formal and informal courses for the development of knowledge and technical skills oriented to labor markets.

The eighth trend will be that large companies are beginning to manufacture vehicles in the region; however, almost all buses are still imported.

The ninth place will be industrial innovations in goods (including software) and services. And finally, in tenth place, there are models such as structure and products that facilitate the acquisition or use of electric vehicles. Among them, commercial banks structure specific products for electric vehicles.

Bottom-Line: Electric mobility will continue to gain strength and market share, but policies and incentives will be critical to accelerate this process.

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