Vestas interested in the country’s energy transition

Company News    Dec 7, 2021 6:29 PM

The Danish multinational Vestas entered the Colombian wind energy market and is interested in supporting the energy transition process.

Vestas wants to accompany the country in the development of wind power projects as its contribution to the energy transition, Portafolio reported.

Peter Kuhrke, head of sales Colombia, said that the company arrived in the country with a focus on sustainability, as it is directing its efforts to be carbon neutral by 2030, and to produce waste-free wind turbines by 2040.

The executive said that the next wind projects will be developed with larger wind turbines, as they seek to further increase electricity production.

“We have been monitoring the market for wind development in Colombia for years. And we landed when we saw that the possibility of participating in the development of a wind project in the department of La Guajira was approaching,” the expert said.

Kuhrke said that the Colombian market is interesting for the company thanks to the energy transition, and the goal of developing clean unconventional energy sources.

“We design, manufacture, install and maintain wind turbines worldwide, with 146GW of installed capacity in 85 countries, we have developed more wind capacity than any other manufacturer, with more than 30 years of experience,” Kuhrke highlighted.

He recalled that the company entered the country in September 2020 with 20MW in the Guajira I wind farm.

“This complex will have 10 turbines 78 meters high and with an output per wind turbine of 2MW, connected to an elevator substation. Turbines of these conditions can achieve a plant factor of around 60%, at 10,500MWh,” the executive said.

Kuhrke added that the company plans to develop more projects in La Guajira.

“We are planning larger wind turbines, with a rotor diameter of 162 meters and a rated power of 5.6MW, with hub heights of around 125 meters, increasing power generation considerably. There will be 540MW under development at the time of operation,” the expert said.

Bottom-Line: International investors see great business opportunities in the renewable energy market in the country, and the arrival of Vestas is proof of that.

Authorities should improve regulatory, social, security and legal conditions to accelerate investments and attract more players to the country.

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