Winners of energy auction

Company News, Renewables    Nov 1, 2021 6:44 PM

Authorities assigned long-term energy supply contracts to nine generation companies with 11 generation projects in the third renewable energy auction.

This resulted in a capacity of 796.3MW corresponding to solar projects, which will sign contracts with seven marketers of the auction and 46 marketers of the complementary mechanism, Valora Analitik reported.

In total, 4,595.67MWh-day were awarded in the new 2021 renewable auction with a weighted average price of CoP$155.81kWh.

The Ministry of Energy (MinEnergia) developed the complementary mechanism under activation condition 2, allocating an additional 2,044.4MWh/day with a weighted average contract price of CoP$180.725kWh.

Sellers winners by plant and type are: Solar Park with the PV La Union project with capacity of 100MW; Enel won the NABUSIMAKE project (99.9MW); Celsia with Solar Escobal 6 (99MW); Arrayanes Photovoltaic with Manglares Solar Park (99.9MW); EPM with Tepuy (83MW); SolarPack with PV La Mata (80MW); EDF Renewables with Bosques Solares Llanos 6 (79. 6MW) and Planta de Generacion Solar Pubenza (50MW); Canadian Solar Energy with Parque Solar Caracoli I (50MW); Genersol with Parque Solar Sunnorte (35MW); and Empresa URRA with Parque Solar URRÁ (19.9MW).

The buyers are: Codensa, CaribeMar, Central Hidroelectrica de Caldas, AES Chivor, Electrificadora del Meta, Empresa de Energia del Quindio and Enermas.

Bottom-Line: A positive result considering the concerns about possible power shortages in the short and medium term, although major users are concerned about the price, which is higher than that which they currently enjoy.

The government should offer guarantees to advance in the development of these projects, avoiding delays in the issue of prior consultations.

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